“As you practice [asana], let the breath be your guru, the guide to lead you into the deeper labyrinth of the pose and the chambers of the inner Self.”

-Rama Jyoti Vernon

Back Breathing in Yoga

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “Yuj” which means to “Yoke or join” and therefore Yoga is often translated to union, union of the seer and the seen. I was born into yoga, my mother is a world renowned yoga teacher, Rama Jyoti Vernon, and had my first formal training at 7 Center’s Yoga Arts in 2005 completed my 200 hour hatha yoga training. My mom’s work continues to influence and inspire me. She has a unique approach to yoga focusing deeply in the breath and the movement of the spine to profoundly affect therapeutic physical healing as well as the “yoking or joining” of the spirit into matter. Her method is known as back breathing, which allows the breath to move the body from the inside out and can be taken into any posture deepening the experience of yoga postures.

Yoga Offerings...

Mira teaches this technique of back breathing in classes, incorporates it into her classes in bellydancing and offers private yoga using therapeutic approaches to back breathing and the layered understanding of Ayurveda and the physiology to offer a very healing and individualized approach to yoga. Privates are 1 1/2 hour and $90. Keep updated on her whereabouts if you would like to schedule a private yoga session.


About My Teachers

My mother Rama Jyoti Vernon was my first teacher in yoga and life as my mother, she took me to yoga conferences since I was a baby. She continues to be my teacher and inspiration. Her book on Asana (see below for details) is a transmission of her deep lifelong knowledge and wisdom gained through studying with all the great masters and her own deep practice. She has brought the teachings of yoga into the realm of citizen diplomacy traveling internationally to war torn countries to bring healing through principles of yoga. Find out more at:  http://www.rama.yoga

My formal 200-hour training was with Ruth Hartung at 7 Center's Yoga Arts. Ruth is a phenomenal teacher who has studied with my mom as well as in the Bihar School of Yoga, Kundalini and many other great teachers. She runs 7 Center's Yoga Arts in Sedona, AZ which has a myriad of amazing trainings, retreats and programs where yoga is taught in pristine integrity in the context of all the Vedic sciences and a broad spectrum of deep philosophy. Many have called 7 Center's the "school of life." Find out more at: 7centers-yoga.com

Next Steps...

Find out More about Back Breathing! Order Rama Vernon's Book:                                                              Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry

Rama and Mira are currently working on a Commentary on the Yoga Sutras...stay tuned!