Solar Eclipse Reflections

The solar eclipse that has rippled through the US in its path of ‘totality’ has been a powerful shift for the earth and humanity, something myself and many others have felt deeply and I’d like to share some of my reflections and experiences regarding this potent time in history.

Astrologically speaking, the eclipse is a time that is considered tricky and dangerous. It is recommended not to look at the eclipse, but hide inside and meditate, do mantra and pray. It is a time when the veils between realms become thin, when our major luminary – the light of the sun – is occluded and we are cast into darkness. It is a time when we are more vulnerable to spirits and entities. Because of that thin veil, it is a potent time also for prayer and intention which can be planted in a very open window. Mantra, prayer and intention are magnified 100-fold.

As I was driving north with a friend towards the path of totality days before the eclipse, to join the Oregon Eclipse Festival which attracted around 60,000 people, we were entering a foreboding picture. From all sides were warnings of the worst traffic jam in US history, gas stations running out of gas, stores running out of food and water, Oregon declared in a state of national emergency. One person told us to hide the back-up emergency gas can we would need if we got stuck idling on the highway for 12 hours, because someone might steal it. On top of that, my Ayurveda friends were warning of the astrological “danger.” My friend asked incredulously, “Are you going to look at it???” At that moment, I really didn’t know. I thought I might hide in my tent at the moment of the eclipse which is ironic considering I would probably be the only person to make the journey and fight the traffic and not even look at it.

When the moment came, my friend and I, gathered at the sun temple with the rest of the hoards of people, gathering together with the first nation’s peoples beginning a space of ceremony, and found a separate space under a tree to create an altar and prepare for mantra. We chanted the Maha Mrityanjaya 108 times through the entire window of the eclipse. This is one of the most healing mantras to assist times of transition – like birth and death – and asks that we may detach from the vine effortlessly like a cucumber that has ripened and is ready to let go. The moment of total eclipse an intensity dropped in. It got cold, an eerie silver light cast upon the earth. My friend started crying and it felt like together, we were carrying a deep wound of earth and humanity and seeing it through a birth canal until we would emerge back into the light.

I looked the eclipse right in the face and it was one of the most powerful moments of my life, truly life-changing. To look such a cosmic event full in the face, to cast aside the fear and doubt and step fully into that moment of potency, felt like stepping through a window into a place of power. I am an eclipse baby, born a couple hours from a full moon lunar eclipse, which is considered inauspicious in astrology. Since this solar eclipse, I am learning and seeing the power of the eclipse energy, not as something to fear and avoid, but a potent power that can be utilized for healing. My whole life has been a journey of moving into the dark and emerging back into the light, this has given me a strength and comfort in those dark places and transitional moments of time and space most people seek to avoid.

In Sanskrit we call these points of transition Sandhis, which literally means joint, like dawn and dusk – the joint between night and day, the change of seasons, or transitional phases of life. In the space of Sandhi, vata (air and ether element) is increased and it is considered a time we are vulnerable and need protection. The eclipse is a major Sandhi. This is a time where distortion can be magnified, but it has a power in it, too.

Humanity, especially this year is moving through a sandhi and what has become resoundingly clear to me in this eclipse window is the potency of this moment in time for healing wounds of earth and humanity for past and future. In the week following the eclipse, I feel I’ve been half in this world and half in a space of magic with messages pouring in from the ethers, from plants, from animals and all pointing to the same thing. Fellow awake souls are hearing the call to gather and reconnect, moving through deep spaces of change in their own lives to step fully into who they are. Even waiting in line for the bathroom at a co-op in Mount Shasta I start talking with the stranger behind me about the major changes blossoming in her life and the messages coming from others about her path in this life. Everywhere I go, I feel I recognize people, as if we’ve known each other before and are gathering again.

This is the message: It is time to SHINE, to cut all the blocks and fears that keep you from your true expression on planet earth, it is time NOW to be who you truly are and DO what you came to planet earth to do. The earth URGES us just to show up and be present to each other and opportunities for healing divides. It is a time for reconciliation with past wounds, we always wound each other so we can heal and grow and it’s time to rise above the details of the drama and see it from the Buddhi mind – in its ‘path of totality’ where we can give thanks for the opportunities to learn and grow and let go of the pain which keeps us locked in contraction. It is time to dream the possibility of the best possible outcome and show up as the best version of yourself and hold the best possible expression of others.

It’s also a time to speak truth. Digest the pain within yourself first to have the most powerful expression – anger and bitterness will weaken your power and the words will not land. When you can speak truth from a higher place of love and wisdom – it will move mountains of change. It is time to heal the wounds of masculine and feminine – as the sun and moon have united together. It is a time to heal wounds of past lovers and relations – by doing this on the individual level it will ripple into the healing of the universal masculine and feminine.

It is a time to dissolve masks and the roles of what we are to each other, to see each other in that stark moment of naked truth and support each other from that space. And equally important to assume the mask and role again. It is okay to play with masks of selves as long as we see it for what it is and remain connected to the greater truth of who we are.

Gathering at the Oregon Eclipse Festival with 30,000 people has restored my faith in humanity. You would think you would see some of the worst of humanity arise when that many people gather but everywhere I looked people were kind, clean, considerate and respectful of each other and the earth. I know there were altercations I didn’t witness, but for that many people, I expected worse. I was continually impressed with the magnitude of human creativity in art, performance, music, crafts, offerings. May this be a prelude to the potential of how we can grow together as our population increases. The eclipse was first visible in Oregon….All those people gathered in one place – led by the first nations people in ceremony – planting seeds of intention and prayers in a potent time and space to ripple across the US – hopefully imprinting upon this country the potential of how humans can come together in respect and consciousness.

This is bigger than you and me and the work we do together with each other, the earth and the animals, NOW, has the power to heal wounds of humanity, our ancestors and the future generations. Time and space has come to a point within this eclipse window. Be the best of who you are, shine bright and go forth with the WHOLE of your Self – all expressions finding integration within you to do the work you came here to planet earth to do.

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  1. Thank you for reaching out and continuing to include me opportunities to know you, and hear of your lifes’ journey, Mira. What you have shared is beautiful and so inspiring.

    I have experienced your wisdom over time… which is well beyond your years.

    1. Thank you Jessica! Thanks for following and holding the vision I don’t always see 😉 what a blessing to know you dear soul!

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