“We dance to become one with a rhythm that was here before us and will remain after we are gone.”

- Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, Grandmother’s Secrets

5 Elements Belly Dance

5 Elements Bellydance is an integration of yoga and belly dance focused on healing of the whole being - physical, emotional and spiritual. Bellydance is an ancient dance form for the purpose of teaching women about their bodies and maintaining health throughout life. It was a rite of passage and a means of building community and support. It continues to serve to heal bodies, spirits, and emotions bringing together community in a supportive and celebratory way. As a practitioner of yoga for many years and also a dancer all my life, I realized the deep correlation with yoga and the healing benefits I was experiencing through belly dance. In 5 Elements Bellydance, we learn the deeper significance that these ancient moves hold for body and spirit to build empowerment and strength in a feminine essence and cultivate energy, awareness and holistic wellness.

Benefits of 5 Elements Belly Dance

  • Cultivate body awareness, vitality and radiance
  • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence...learn to love and celebrate your body!
  • Strengthen deep core muscles and improve fitness without taxing your joints
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus, sensitivity to subtle energy and intuition
  • Improve posture, digestive health, circulation and overall health and well-being
  • Decrease stress and increase joy
  • Deepen your expression of sensuality
  • Celebrate life!

Classes and Workshops

I teach a fusion of bellydance and yoga that teaches how to harness the power of these ancient movements to affect the subtle and physical body for profound healing benefits. 5 Elements Belly Dance incorporates understanding of the 5 elements as they relate to the chakra system (yogic subtle body anatomy) and how to use our movements to target healing and transformation as well as find joy, grace and celebration in our bodies. for healing and affecting the subtle body. Class will involve aromatherapy, discussion of the element, yogic warm up, dance movements to activate the element and ending with free-form dance meditation.

“Through dancing a human being can move beyond limits, into a world...where the true self is recognized."

- Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, Grandmother’s Secrets



Performing is such a wonderful way to show the love of the dance and transmit the joy I feel while dancing. Belly dance is meant to be shared in community for celebration to elevate us above and beyond the struggles we all feel and mark the great changes we move through in life. In the course of a woman's life, belly dance is an integral role as a rite of passage when a woman enters menarche, when a woman gets married, at her bridal shower, at the wedding, and all major celebrations of life. Far from being a competitive dance community, the music and the dance brings people together to celebrate each other, call out for each other, and unite through music and dance. I love to share the dance and to engage others in the playful fun and joy of it....I may tie the scarf around your hips and get you moving too!

                                                                               Mira has danced regularly as a house dancer at Pars Persian Cuisine in                                                                               Albuquerque, NM and for private events like private parties and bridal showers,                                                                                                               various venues, festivals and shows.
                                                                             Contact Mira to book her for your private party, restaurant or event!

About the Dancer and Teacher


Mira Murphy has been a dancer all her life, starting formal training at the age of 6 with ballet and eventually studying at a professional ballet school, Pacific Northwest Ballet, before branching out into other forms of dance like jazz, modern, hip hop, African and finally belly dance where her passion for healing arts united with her lifelong passion for dance and music.

She began her journey with belly dance studying under Carrie Kohnya and performed with her Troupe, White Lotus Bellydance in Sedona, AZ. With her experience in yoga, health and healing, she instantly noticed the profound healing affect of bellydance and explored further training in the 5 Elements bellydance technique with Carrie Konhya, the founder of this technique of yoga/bellydance fusion. Find out more about Carrie at 5elementsbellydance.com or sedonabellydance.com

Mira has taught 5 Elements Bellydance class series in Albuquerque, NM and Sedona, AZ and offers this style both in ongoing class format as well as workshop format (see above in classes and workshops for more details).

Check out Belly Dance Videos of Mira Murphy on YouTube